About The Acorn Lady

A true artist and a preserver of her Mono Indian culture and heritage.   

Lois lives out and teaches her native traditions and language.

The world changes constantly.  As humans we need to be healthy and wise and to be more attentive than ever.  Identifying and making good choices is never easy.  That’s where the Acorn Lady comes in.  We must endeavor to learn about our world and savor our experiences.  We must appreciate and really work on our relationships with each other, the land, and the animals.  By making strong connections we learn so much about each other sparking a new awareness that binds us together in a mystery we call “culture”.

Our Mission

We love to teach and learn as well as to gather and create healthy good foods, beautiful adornments, tools and baskets in the Native American Mono tradition.  The Acorn Lady is available for speaking engagements and cultural demonstrations.  She offers beautiful creations for sale on this site.  You may contact her to schedule an event or follow us to enjoy her latest projects.  Her love for the land and passion for healing foods and beauty will intrigue and remind us all how to “Mind the Creator’s Garden”!

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    Please understand as we learn and grow!

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